HALion Libraries...

I just bought HALion 5. I upgraded from the Absolute VST Collection+ (which included HS2).
So, I already had all the content installed that came with HALion Sonic 2 and the Absolute bundle (Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk). I also had a HALion 4 DEMO installed, which included a library called “HALion Trial” (63 presets).
After I installed HALion 5, I now have a library which shows up on the page with the icons as “HALion Factory” but on the Media Bay browser, where the filter drop down it shows up as “HALion 4 Factory content”.
It consists of 270 presets and some start with “4.0” and some with “5.1”, (which appear to be indications of quadraphonic/5.1 Surround channel configurations).

So my first question is, “What exactly is this library?” Is it just old H4 content that installed with H5 since I never owned H4? Or, is it some old H4 content and some new H5 content? Is the new H5 content all contained within the individual “Instruments” such at Auron, Haliotron, Trium, etc.?

My next question is, “Are the HALion trial presets not included in any other library?” The 63 presets called “HALion Trial content” include “Badlands” and “All Embracing pad” and do not appear to be included in any other library. So, if someone never tried the demo, would they be missing these presets? Or, (which is really my concern), am I missing another, larger library that includes this trial content?

Spot on! The H5 factory library is the old H4 + the individual instruments. If I remember correctly, some of the H4 content is actually labeled Halion Sonic? To the extend that I’ve actually cared, I’ve found the library naming slightly confusing. I bought some drum samples in Halion format and when imported into H5, this library shows up as a Halion 3 library.

About the trial presets, I can’t help right now.