Halion License not found

Now it keeps saying License not found for Halion. This is not good enough Steinberg! This seems to happen often and there sems to be no fix! Need help!


Did you buy HALion? Be aware HALion and HALion Sonic are not the same applications.

Is your HALion (or HALion Sonic) up to date?

Is your Steinberg Download Assistant up to date?

Yes bought and paid for and not the first time this has happened. happened with other plugin as well.


Is it HALion 7 or older? What about my other questions, please?

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It is called Halion Sonic 7. It was working fine. Groove agent and pad shop also had the same problem but it seems to have been fixed.

yes everything is up to date

Hi @William_Brister,

I’ve had something similar too, a couple of times.

Since I’m on Windows 10 / 11, and in case a new local Steinberg Licensing product license can’t (temporarily) be found, I’d always use the following workaround:

  • open Task Manager (while HALion Sonic 7 isn’t running)
  • find a sub-task named “Steinberg License Engine” and terminate that task
  • upon restart of HALion (Sonic) 7 and tools, its license will be found again (if it had been activated correctly on the same machine, that is)

All of these sub tasks are what will also be started, whenever you start HALion Sonic 7:


Thanks. Deactivating and reactivating Cubase in the Activation Manager also seems to work.

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Hi again @William_Brister,

thanks for the feedback.
Sounds promising, glad that this now seems to work.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that Steinberg’s devs are well aware of such rather strange effects within the new licensing environment, and for sure they’re continuously working on optimizing the new licensing engine’s behavior. Some things they cannot entirely control, though, like the exact behavior and subtle interactions by Windows / macOS after a specific OS update.

Such effects can appear like small task “hickups” which suggest that sometimes - for some odd reason - the running license engine task refuses (or is temporarily prevented by the OS, or an other running program) to read and submit the encrypted (respectively the temporarily decrypted) contents of a locally saved (and otherwise error free) license file to the requesting program (like Cubase, HALion, etc.), within due time. (*)


(*) (I’m not a programmer, just speculating a bit… please correct me - anyone - if you think that my thoughts are deviating too much from the technical realities)