Halion - Mp3 or Opus support?


Does Halion support either format?

I don’t own Halion but I’d buy it if I could create tiny-footprint libraries (not like Kontakt’s so-so compression, but truly small libraries. StaffPad’s sampler uses Opus files to get large libraries like Spitfire, Berlin, and Cinesamples onto an iPad. Given Halion’s M1 support, and as the iPad app for Dorico is clearly using Halion… is there any hope for an iPad version of Halion coming?

Also, is there a way to get my loop settings (including the loop x-fade settings) out of some Kontakt instruments I’ve sampled and into Halion? I own a copy of ChickenSys translator and I think I have the loop points in an xml-ish format somewhere. Is there at least a way to import the data or does it have to be done sample by sample?


P.S. sorry to post generic questions on the forum. I’ve looked at the manual and an old thread from 2011, but I’m not finding anything useful.