Halion not loading instruments automatically

Hey there.

I’m just wondering if it’s a bug or what that whenever I add a new player and select f.x. trumpet I have to manually add the instrument in Halion. I have to do this everytime for every instrument, which gets tiresome after a while.

Is it supposed to be be like this or is something wrong?

I’m using trial version of Dorico Elements 3.5 SE but waiting now for the education eligibility to go through. Using MacOS High Sierra.

HALion will do this automatically until such time as you start going in and fiddling. From that point onwards, you’re basically in “manual mode” - you have to make the changes yourself. If you want HALion to go back to doing it automatically, go Play > Playback Template…, select whichever playback template you want (probably HSSE (SE)) - even if this one is already selected - Apply and close.

Not sure about SE, but I know in Pro you can override default instrument choices. It’s worth giving it a try in SE.

Here’s a video about custom templates.

In Dorico 3.5, in fact, fiddling around with one instrument sound won’t prevent Dorico from loading sounds for instruments you subsequently create.

Pojkur, did you definitely install the sounds, which are provided by a separate installer than the application installer?

any new instrument added automatically uses the default playback configuration which is Halion unless you change it. So, for instance, I may be using a completely different library but if I add a new instrument, it will still create the instance in Halion. Makes me a bit suspicious also that either Halion hasn’t been installed properly or you have done something to the default.