HALion not Responding to MIDI inputs


I have the same issue with Halion 5! I have recorded a track set to Boom Bass 1 in Halion 5. I have followed the HALion manual to lay down midi track.

Neither when I record nor when I play I don’t hear the boom bass. It is not even responding to the virtual keyboard. However, when I am inside HALion and play with HALion Virtual Piano, I hear the boom bass. What am I doing wrong please?

All other non-HALion tracks are responding to midi inputs from my PSR keyboard except Halion one.

In NI Kontakt VST, there is input setting icon that you can click and set you midi input/output. I guess HALion does not have that!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Make sure you are using the same MIDI Port and MIDI Channel in both the MIDI Track and the HALion instance.

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HI Martin, Thank you very much for the prompt response.

Halion as instrument instrument is set to channel 11 with ReverseCymbal in Port A1 and My MID track is the same. I have attached the screen shuts for both settings.

One thing that is strange is that in the program selector of HALion is set to GM 120!! I thought it should not be pointing/set to anything.


Sorry, I don’t got it now. Why do you have 2 tracks with the same settings? Does the sound in the HALion 5 sit at Channel 11? Could you post a screenshot of HALion 5 instrument open, please?


I don’t have the same channel. As you see: Reverse Cymbal is Midi Track but Hilton 5 is Instrument track. Again, not sure why is has program. Nornally, an instrument track ( external instrument) has Bank Selector and Program selector set to OFF. Of course this is internal VST.

To hear the sound you have to change the MIDI Channel of the MIDI Track to 1 or change the MIDI Channel of the cymbal to 11, to match it. Otherwise you send a data from the MIDI Track to the empty slot of HALion.

I guess, I got it. Thank you. I don’t need to add VST as instrument track!

Or you don’t need to add an extra MIDI Track.

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