Halion One 64 bit

Hi, after having installed Cubase 7.5 I tried to load Halone One. The Instrument is loaded, but no presets are found.
When I check in “Windows 7 / Sysem / Proams and Functions”… there are all Sound packeges installed.

SO my question: Are These Content sets now obsolete (because icluded in the halion sonic se Content )?
Should I delete Halione One ?
Should I delete the Content sets and the Expression set for Halione ONe?

And… assuming I still want to use Halione One. How can I make it find the presets?

Cheers, Ernst

There is a knowledge base article about getting the HALion One presets in newer versions.
Personally, I would recommend moving on to HSSE (or HS, or HALion). I think all the patches are available in HSSE and, in my opinion, for the ones that I was using, they sound “better”.

If you load an existing project, the presets should be loaded, but they are no longer supplied since v. 6 IIRC, although the content files are still provided with v6 (also IIRC). If you want them in C 7 you might have to copy them from earlier versions - i.e. C5