Halion One and C7

I am in a bit of a pickle here. I have a few old projects that used Halion One with the included presets from the Cubase 5 install disc. I installed Halion One successfully, however, the presets do not appear.

I pasted the preset files (.hsb) from the install disc to “Mac OS X System Partition / Library / Audio / Presets / Steinberg Media Technologies / HALion One”

Within C7’s media bay I rescanned the Halion One folder but the presets do not appear.

Any solutions?

Halion One has been superseded by Halion Sonic SE, making Halion one redundant. For what it’s worth you could try scanning the folder with that. There’s a preset I always use to quickly audition new plug-ins called SR 120 BPM Loop, which I easily found in Halion Sonic SE just by typing its name into the search.

Whether it will find your presets from Cubase 5, how ever, is another matter. Worth a try though.