Halion One in Cubase Artist 8

Installed it, presets show up correctly, but if I load any preset, everything freezes up and I have to restart (can’t kill cubase.exe—“access denied”). If anyone knows what might be causing this, your help would be super appreciated :slight_smile:.

Windows 8.1 Pro, latest version of Cubase Artist 8 (64-bit for both). Downloaded Halion One from here and the sound collection from here.

Update: somehow found an allegedly 64-bit copy of HalionOne (not available on any of my discs or from the Steinberg site), and it worked once, then froze everything again during the next session.

edit: for anyone who might be interested, in the future: deleting HalionOne preferences (both 32-bit and 64-bit) seemed to fix the problem. That did not work for the 32-bit version, but the 64-bit one seems stable now.