Halion One on C10.5

Hello – I’m going through some old projects that were done in Cubase 5. Does anyone know if there is some version of Halion One available?

Seems like I was using Halion One quite a bit back then. It would make this so much easier if I could open these projects with the Halion One VSTi instead of trying to figure out what patch was being used on those specific tracks.

I’m currently on Cubase 10.5, OSX Catalina 64bit. Any suggestions would be great!


Take a look here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206247884-HALionOne-Overview

@Nickeldome – Thank You!

It appears they did not release a final installer for 64 bit OSX systems and I do not believe you can open C10.5 in 32 bit mode anymore.

I did notice that I am able to still view the patch that was used in Halion One by opening the interface window of the disabled VSTi, so I can then search for that patch in Halion Sonic.

Again, thank you!