Halion One presets issue

Hi - I just installed Nuendo 5 upgrade from 4. For some reason when I load Halion One it cannot find any of the presets/sounds. Does anyone have any idea why and how to fix it?



I think this was came up a bit on the old forums- try a google search. I haven’t seen any new threads about here on the new forums and never the problem myself so I don’t remember the solution… but I know you aren’t alone.

See the last part here about scanning VST presets. It usually helps:

If you don’t see the “location tree” when you click “load preset”; click on the “Set up window layout” icon in the bottom left corner.

Are you sure that you also upgraded and installed the new NEK for N5? If not, Nuendo will list N4´s HalionOne in N5, but won´t be able to have access to the sounds.

(I did not upgrade the NEK and spend that money for a third-party library, without a kind of “N5-only-licence”. Remember: If you do not upgrade the NEK you will also loose all “old” features of the former NEK within the next Nuendoversion.)