Halion One sets


Im on Cubase 5 and using Halion One with the sound sets included in the installation (cd 2 called VST SOUND COLLECTION VOL.1).

I saw on Youtube some tutorials showing lovely electric piano presets that I cannot find.


Are there some older presets not included in Cubase 5? Are they available for download?

Aloha G,

I checked my C5 installation and I to could not find that patch.
If fact there are a lot o’ missing HAO patches.

When I first installed C5 HAO worked fine for me (especially for drums) but I seem to remember
that when C6 came out (with Halion Sonic SE), my HAO plug got a lil funky.
I may be wrong but I believe it was a 32 vs 64 bit thangy.

But if you are still using C5 or earlier, you should not have this prob.

Hope you get it sorted.


I am totally in the 32 bit realm…

The video I posted is from 2009, so maybe it was made with Cubase 4.

Any idea if Steinberg deleted HAO patches from C4 to C5? Any change to get them in case?