Halion One sticky notes

Please stein berg. Will someone confirm once and for all if there will be a fix for the MASSIVE sticky notes bug on Halion One?

Thank you


My question exactly.
But it seems to me that there is a problem with soundsets included not the Halion One itself. So I doubt about any effort taken to fix this because of a lot of data needs to be replaced. And Steinberg just doesn’t care.
My condolences to you.

Hello -this does not look hopeful for me:(
I am trying find out whether VST sound collection Vol I, originally installed with HALionOne will work with 64 bit Windows 7/Cubase setup. I have downloaded the 900mb in four lots from the Steinberg Site and unpacked it but it does not appear in my Instrument list. In fact HALionOne is no where to be found. I have many previous projects using this instrument and setting so it would be wonderful to get a fix:)

The rest of the new install has gone well although time-consuming. :sunglasses:
best wishes

EDIT: 15th January 2011
Fixed problem. VST sound collection Vol I works with 64 bit and HALionOne is downloaded from the Cubase 5 disk in 64 bit mode. I hope this helps others who were having the same problems.:slight_smile: