Halion or Halion Sonic?!

Hi Guys, about ten years ago I had a music project that used one of the Halion library’s. Specifically I used the ‘soul kit’ and would like to get hold of this again but not sure which of the Halion’s I was using or what I should go for now. I was also wondering Halion comes with the latest version of cubase (if so what version?) or whether I can get any kind of deals combining for example, Halion with Padshop Pro. If I do go ahead and buy Cubase, do I want the latest version? Or is the latest version a bit buggy and I should buy the one before?

Apologies if these are stupid questions but I’ve done some reading & can’t seem to crack it.

If you buy Halion5 you get HalionSonic 2 as well , HalionSonic SE is included in Cubase 8 with a much smaller library.