Halion Orchestra Presets

Morning to everyone! For the moment everything works but from THIS MORNING Cubase gives me the following notice on the start! "(Copy and paste)

The license for application ‘HALion Orchestra Advanced - Presets’ will expire soon.
Duration until expiration: 1 hour 37 minutes 3 seconds :cry:
How is it possible? I have had that license for several years ! Why only today? And in what way I can fix it? Many thx in advance! Alex


What can you see in the eLCC application, please?

Could you try to start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance, please?

First of all many thx for your so fast and kind reply, Mr Martin. I just done what you suggest and … hehehe … problem solved.
But what happened if I can ask? ? Just curious :slight_smile:
Anyway many many thx.
Have good day and see you my next issue! :slight_smile:


I don’t know exactly. But some Windows updates mess up the eLCC sometimes. Maybe it was also your case. Just a guess.