Halion Output Routing Issues - Please help

I’ve got a problem. MIDI Intrument tracks have been created in C7 using HalionSonicSE. The channels are all playing the data fine but nothing’s making it to the Stereo out and therefore we have no sound. This has only occured on this one profile and normally our setup works flawlessly.

As you’ll see in the screenshot, HALion’s routed to ‘Main’ and it’s greyed out so I can’t change it. I’ve tried routing the channels through a group to Stereo out via the channel’s sends, and I’ve also tried doing a send directly to the Stereo Out - still no luck. I can only assume it’s a HALion Issue.

Please can someone instruct me in how to check that Halion is correctly routed out - or how to change that ‘Main’ output to something that may work?

Cubase Output Routing.jpg


Unfortunately we cannot see the routing from your screenshot.

But try this:

  • Open VST Connections > Outputs.
  • Select “Stereo Out”.
  • Right-click, and select Remove.
  • Click to “Add Bus”.
  • Create a new Stereo Out.

Now, hopefully it should works.

Hi Martin,

I’ve tried this. I’ve checked output routing for Cubase itself and tracks of audio are working - it’s HalionSonic that isn’t going to the output somewhere along the line.

My thoughts are this: Every time you delete an output bus and create a new one, any audio track that was previously assigned to the old output bus then needs to be manually re-assigned to the new one. Surely this is the case with Halion as well?

I need to know how I can check that Halion is routed out correctly on the individual channels. Every time I post on this forum someone tells me that it can’t be Halion - but when I create a brand new instrument track and input data, it works. It’s just the existing ones that aren’t producing sound (yes, I know MIDI is data not sound but instruments are assigned etc).

Is the correct midi channel selected in the inspector? Or maybe check ‘Any’ channel. Of course you probably need to restart Cubase and maybe the computer too…

Lets start from the beginning.

Can you see the output signal in the HALion plug-in itself?