HALion Player (based on HALion 3) stopped working


HALion Player (based on HALion 3) stopped working after I updated Syncrosoft License Control to eLisencer Control Center. It always worked fine on my windows XP and immediately after this update of the Licenser stuff, it suddenly gave an error (I can check again for the exact error if necessary) and it can’t be used at all. I need it to work for an old Drum Library I use.
Interestingly, Cubase SE 3 kept working fine, no problem there.

I’d like to add: I don’t care about the ancient HALion player - I used it only because my drumlibrary has presets for it.

And I know this isn’t the Cubase forum, but because the following problem is related to the elisense horror I will post it here too:

Today I installed a trial of Cubase Elements 6 and put the license into my dongle and… Cubase SE 3 stopped working. I had to remove Cubase Elements 6 to get it to work again.