Halion Player License Error - Cubase projects will not open

Hello all, I wonder if anyone can assist me?

I bought Cubase 5 a while ago and have been using it very happily for some time. Recently I began to see warnings that the “Halion Player ‘Demo’ License would expire in X days and X hours”. Now Cubase will not successfully open projects due to this:

Application ‘HALion Player OEM 3.x’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.

I don’t understand why this is happening. I bought the full version of Cubase and I havn’t installed any demo software so why can I not access my work? I have tried sending a ‘support ticket’ using My Steinberg but have had no contact from them whatsoever. All and any help will be appreciated!


A simpler question to ask:

Is “Halion Player” fully included software with Cubase 5? If so how do I restore my license to use it?

Halion Player is not included in C5 or C6. You’ll have to buy Halion Player (now Halion Sonic) in order to get on with your projects I think.


I’m not sure that can be correct as I have been using Cubase 5 in it’s entirety for quite some time now and this license error only occured recently.

I’m not sure if this will affect anything but I installed Cubase for the first time on a laptop the other day, to see if the specs were up to running it, and then uninstalled it. Would this cause my license to be seen as a demo?

Can’t help you with that, sorry.

have you opened eliecenser to see if all your cubase software are liecensed ok it should say unlimited use,

also have you updated cubase 5 some times updates make the liecence to react odd, have you the latest eliecense update.


Thanks for the thoughts everyone!

I have done some research and have discovered that the Halion Player I am experiencing a problem with is Halion Player OEM - I believe this is included with Cubase5?

I have not yet updated the eLicenser program although when the Halion OEM license became listed as ‘demo - expired’ I deleted it from the list in the hope that the full version would take over. How would I go about getting it listed on the eLicenser again?

I have discovered that the fault is with Halion Symphonic Orchestra. I understood that you get the 16bit version of HSO free with Cubase?

HSO 16 bit is not free it is a 90 day demo .


Thanks to those who suggested fixes, and to Novaburst who filled me in! I’m afraid the problem turned out to be down to my misunderstanding of the 16-bit version of HSO that came with Cubase 5. It was a 90day trial with the chance to upgrade to the full (still 16-bit) version for around £80. I have since upgraded and everything works again.