Halion player wont load on cubase 5 ess

Hello, I recently upgraded halion player to 64 bit, cubase essential wont recongnize it, I have put in, I think, all the vst folders, and restarted system after each one. I am running windows 7, not used to the format yet, I noticed there is a vst 2 file in the commons file on the hard disk, I tried that too, help!! so fustrating, my ole computer died from power surge, gotta get back recording, please help. this makes no sense, thanks in advance!


so you just upgraded the HALion Player to 64bit but not cubase itself?

please be more precise about how you system was and what you did.
what happens if you install the 32bit version?

p.s. have you checked this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6217

Thanks for replying! I purchased the 32 bit version in April, it loaded fine on my 32 bit computer, but I had trouble loading it on my laptop which is 64 bit vista. somehow after trying again and again, I cant remember what I did, it finally loaded on the laptop and is recongnized by cubase 5 ess. I had a power surge and bought a new desktop, Halion player wouldnt load, so I found out about the 64 bit version and loaded it from the website. I have tried to drag to , I think, all the vst file on cubase, it wont see it. I restarted the computer after each attempt. no avail. I will try it again. On my laptop I see the file other pluggins have been loaded to, shouldnt be this difficult. Mabey I should unistall and reload cubase. I dont know. I have spent alot of time on it. I would like to think I know a little about this.


I just read your ps, should I run the 32 bit installer as well? thats what one of the links sounded like. thanks