Halion Player

Will it let me perform envelope editing? (attack, decay, sustain and release)

What you see is what you get!

Well, what I’m asking about is what I don’t see. I looked at the comparison chart between Halion player and the full version and the only thing pertinent was “no graphical envelope editor”. In another section it stated that it had “simple envelope editing”. Somewhere between no editing and simple editing is what I want to find what it has.

Yes, most of the sounds in HALion Player have their basic envelope controls (ADSR). The limitation of HALion Player is that each factory sound comes with its predefined set of controls. You can control only those parameters which are available for the given sound.


Ok, that’s what I need to know. So, I guess I’m at the mercy of the default of any imported samples too then?
Thank you Miloslav!

Hello, Suprawill1,

when you import your own samples then you will always get the following controls: Cutoff, Resonance, DCF Amount, DCA Attack, DCA Decay, DCA Sustain, DCA Release, DCA Amount. So, those can be considered the “default” controls for HALion Player.

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Great! Thanks again for your detailed explanation Miloslav!
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