Halion Player

I put the Halion Player installation disc in, it is being read, then after is says loading installation setup, I get a prompt form the Synchrosoft Control License warning saying “There are other processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation.” I followed these instructions but the result is the same. I have no idea which processes are running that may disturb this application. No other applications are running at the time. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Ok, here’s an update. I started my computer in safe mode which as you know only loads in the bare essential processes. Not even my sound card or second monitor was on. Still, I get the same prompt that the installation is being disturbed by other processes. Maybe I can install it if I don’t turn my computer on. :unamused:
Has anyone had similar problems installing Player or have any ideas?


Hello, Will,

I think this problem is OS specific. Yes, I had exactly the same issue on W7 64bit, however, the installation went flawlessly earlier on XP 32bit. On W7 64bit I have solved this problem by installing directly the last 64bit version (Setup_HALion_Player_3.5.0_64bit.exe). Then, you will have to copy the sound content files (HSB) manually and locate them in HALion Player afterwards with the “Locate Content” button. If you plan to install the 32bit version, I suppose this workaround should help you as well. Just run the 32bit installer (Setup_HALion_Player_3.5.0_32bit.exe).

I hope this will work for you :wink:


Ahhh, finally a post! Thank you Miloslav!
So where did you find the 64 bit version? Was it on the retail disc or did you download from Steinberg? I tried Steinberg but all I found was the 64 bit updates. I assumed I needed to install the initial version first, then apply the update.

Ok, I have it now. Those updates will install the version I am looking for. I thought they were just patches.
Thanks for your informative reply Miloslav! Enjoy your day!


At first, I also thought the 3.5.0 installer was just a patch. But after running against that issue, I tried it and it worked, fortunately. :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hello, im new at this, what do i do to apply that setup command in windows 7 to load the halion player on the 64bit system? Where do I enter the command? thanks so much

I understand now, I went to the download section at the steinberg site, and updated it 64, I didnt know they would load the player in there off of that, I guess they can tell by the license you own it, awesome. thanks for everyones help!


thanks to all, I got it working with your posts! :smiley:

Hello Gentlemen,

Could somebody give me the link where to find the 64 Bits version for Halion Player, I still have the same problem than you.

Thanks a lot.


Try this.



ok, Im back again with a Halion Player Question! My first version had some FX presets that included unique applause, laughter and various sounds. well when I updated it with some Halion 3 sounds from the Steinberg site, or something like that, it gave me more patches, but eliminated those valuable fx presets. Now on my other computer, the halion player has those sounds cuz i never updated that one. so I copied those files and moved them to the halion player on the other computer to no avail. Any ideas? Why when I updated Halion player from the website I lost those samples. Could a Senior member help me out? thanks in advance.

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