Halion Sale 50% Off

This seems like a really good offer at 50% off. And while I would really like to upgrade to Halion 6, I would also like to get full GA4 and Grand 3 at some point. The Absolute package would be a better deal, even with the current 50% off on Halion, although I don’t really care about the extras in Absolute beyond these three.

I am new to Steinberg (Cubase Pro 9.5 user), and I am wondering if they have sales on VST instruments regularly (like at Christmas time, Black Friday or other times) and can I expect to see discounts like this on GA4 or Grand 3 at some point in the future?

Thanks for posting about this. It’s an awesome deal, and this was the first I’ve heard of it!

Nice deal, I seldom use Halion (I had v5) but do use Haliosonic … Do I really have to download 28GB for installation?

Thanks for the reminder, just bought it.
At 50% off it is a steal.

Strangely, it seems to be easier to use and learn than Halion Sonic. I was overwhelmed at first, but the things I struggled to understand seem a lot clearer now. It’s a very exciting product! I can see why it won an award. I wonder if the timing of this sale has anything to do with NAMM 2018.