Halion SE 1.6.3

Why is there so much confusion surrounding Halion Sonic SE? On the news and announcements page it advises that V 1.6.3 is available. The link takes me to a page where I select the product, i.e. “Halion” which points to the V 1.6.2. It must be me - I don’t see any other posts about it. :frowning:


Thanks Split but I have installed the 6.5.4 update, the Halion SE version is which is why I was interested to find out how I’d managed to miss version 1.6.2. I guess “1.6.3” is a typo on the “News and Announcements” page? :confused:

1.6.3 is at the bottom of that page!!!

I think thats the last supported version?

Doh! Found it. Haven’t had a beer since NYE - it’s affecting my brain…thanks! :wink:

Ha… I almost missed it too, but then I’ve been drinking beer.

I recommend you start drinking beer asap.

:slight_smile: Beer has certain medicinal properties - unfortunately one of them has made my waistline rather excessive - I’ll be back to the “Rat Race” (micro brewery) in Hartlepool as soon as I’ve lost ## inches off it. Then I can start all over again!