Halion SE 3 does not load sound when MIDI keyboard connected

Hi guys,

I have an issue here with Halion. it does not load the sounds when I have my MIDI keyboard connected. when pressing keyboard buttons it shows in Halion that it works. I get that MIDI signal as well. and my knobs from the Keyboard control HALion pretty well. but when I drag the sounds to the slots on the left panel it does not load.
I did not have this issue initially not sure why suddenly it happened.
When the MIDI keyboard disconnected I can load sound in the left panel and Halion makes sound when I input notes manually with the mouse.

Cubase elements 9.5
iMac 4k 2019
MIDI keyboard Axiom air 32 mini

a scr shot is attached

I might have experienced a similar bug.
I just spent the whole evening with a friend who has Cubase 9.5 Elements on a Mac.

I choose the HSSE3 as a VST instrument (as rack or as single) and create a MIDI track for it,
I open the plugin UI and try to select patches.
Once I choose a sound for a specific slot it says “loading” and then the slot remains empty and of course no sound comes out.

He was using a Spanish UI, I’ve switched to English UI and when I added a new VST instrument as single (i.e. not as rack), the problem disappeared-
we were able to load problematic projects, select HSSE3 patches where my friend had them blank and it worked fine.

Then we reverted to Spanish UI and the problem came back, and switching to English didn’t fix it this time.

Needless to say, we’ve updated eLicenser, Cubase, HSSE3. Nothing helped.