Halion SE/Dorico does not play sounds

I recently installed the trial version of Dorico Elements. I was able to figure it out pretty quickly, but I cannot get it to playback. I also cannot get the Halion SE to play any sounds. I watched a few videos and did some web searches but I can’t figure this one out. Here are some things that are going on.

  1. I am using a UR44 and using the most recent version of the driver. I have removed and reinstalled the driver just in case, but it didn’t help.
  2. In Cubase Pro 10.5, audio, Groove Agent and Halion SE tracks all play back normally.
  3. In Dorico, Halion SE instruments do not make any sounds. Dorico is set to use the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver with stereo output UR 44Mix 1L, UR44 Mix 1 R and a sample rate of 44100.
  1. I have tried multiple instruments in Halion (Dorico-launched). When I play the software keyboard it shows output levels but no sound comes out for any of the instruments.
  2. If I start Dorico and then start Cubase, Cubase cannot use the Yamaha UR44 driver. Dorico still can’t play anything. To get Cubase to see the driver I have to get out of Cubase and Dorico and restart Cubase.
  3. If I start Cubase first, Dorico cannot use the Yamaha UR44 driver. Cubase works normally.

I am running on Windows 10 Pro on a Dell laptop. Memory, CPU, disk space are not issues. I suspect there is some sort of drive conflict going on.

So far I like Dorico, but not sure that I am willing to purchase it if I can’ figure this out. Thanks in advance for any assistance, I hope it is something very simple and that I feel dumb when someone points out the obvious

Re: points 5 & 6:
IIRC Cubase and Dorico share the Audio Engine and therefore cannot be running simultaneously. Presumably someone more knowledgeable will correct my if I am wrong.

@Derrek: Not quite correct. They can run in parallel, but they can’t access the same audio device.

@sedicks: Please create a new project from piano template, enter some arbitrary notes and then do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The corresponding zip file attach here, please. Thanks

As requested. I put a screen shot of the notes.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.7 MB)

Thanks for the data. According to what I see everything looks normal and I would expect sound to come through. But in your last run you were not using the Yamaha Steinberg driver but the Generic Low Latency driver. On the other hand that should not make a difference and sound should still come through.
I wonder if it is some setting on your UR that prevents this. Have you opened dspMixFx and checked in there? But you say that Cubase does sound…weird.
How about having a remote session where we could look together on your screen? Please mail me directly at ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ so we can arrange the details.

This problem has been resolved. There were two issues:

  1. The UR44 dspMixFX program was not properly configured to work with Dorico. The DAW fader was muted. This apparently doesn’t impact Cubase but Dorico wasn’t happy with it. This got Dorico playing sounds.

  2. The second issue was a misunderstanding on my part of how Dorico works. I placed rhythm slashes in the score and assumed that it would play the chords in accordance with the slashes. It apparently doesn’t! This is a very rookie error and probably is even buried somewhere in the documentation.

Thanks to Ulf at Steinberg for assisting me. He was very professional, knowledgeable and timely in his responses. I was just doing a trial version of Dorico and liked how it worked, but Ulf sealed the deal and I will purchase the software!

The level of support from the Dorico team (and from many fellow users here ) is stellar!