Halion SE gone ?

I installed the Cubase 9 Artist update (in a different directory as cubase 8.5) and Halion SE is not present in Cubase 9. The website says it´s included in Cubase 9 Artist.
How can I get it back ?

I just realized that Padshop is missing, too.

I wonder if the different directory installation makes it so C9 cant see HSSE and Padshop?
Maybe rerun the installer.

Cubase 9 automatically installs in a different folder than 8.5 or any previous version, even if you use the update installer.

You might have had the 32 bit versions of Halion Sonic SE and Padshop installed, that’s why they wont show up. You can download the full Cubase 9 installer from your MySteinberg.

A reinstall with the full version works. that 1GB upadte installer doesn´t even has the option for these two instruments.

I’ve lost track of how many bundled instruments from earlier versions have been dropped in later versions. And now that 32-bit is dead, so too are those instruments - unless you keep older versions installed. Madness. If they could be bridged with jBridge it would merely be an inconvenience. I tried. Does not work. :imp: