Halion SE mixer won't retain instrument volume change

I have programmed a Bass track and a Keys track, both on separate instances of Halion SE (I’m running Cubase 13 Pro version). (Windows 10, i7, 64G Ram; I think that’s what you asked for)
So I use a marker track to locate to the start. Then I use the Halion mixer to set the volume playback level of the instrument, so I pull it down to -10, let’s say, while it’s playing. Then I stop the song, and return to the start. When I do this, the fader level in the Halion mixer returns to full volume. I have no Automation on; I even have the ‘suspend all automation’ button on. This happens on both instances of Halion that I have open. This does not happen with audio files; just midi files.
So, is something on in Halion SE that does this that I am not aware of? This is the first time I’ve recorded a midi instrument since getting C13. Maybe something is on that I am not aware of.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.