Halion SE patches don't load in HalionSonic


I have one issue after the update.

Whenever I try to load a Halion SE patch in HalionSonic the patch refuses to load. Actually, nothing happens.

Can anyone confirm or suggest a solution?

Steps to reproduce:

Open Cubase 7 64bit
Open HalionSonic
Load Grammophone Piano , Piano Jam or Film Piano from the Piano category.

Result: Sounds do not load.

Not a big deal but I always use to open HalionSonic because all my sounds are there and now I have to open a HalionSE in order to run these sounds.

Thanks in advance

Aloha B,

Just read thru some old posts here and I hope you got lil prob this sorted
because ‘Grammophone Piano’
loads fine for me (record scratches included)