Halion SE seems corrupted


I have a playback problem I can’t fix:
When I load my project, Celli and Double basses won’t play. The problem seems to be that the mappings of Celli and Double Basses are always lost. They should be on channel 1 and 2, but they are empty. See picture

Now I can add them manually again, and then it seems to work, but if I save and load again, they are lost again.

Another problem is, that the Halion SE seems to be corrupted when I open it again:

Now the Halion SE window has two title bars (see red circle) and doesn’t work correctly anymore.
When I click somewhere with the mouse, the reaction is way off: See the white X, this is where I clicked, but marked is another instrument lower down.

Does anybody know how to reset this?
Of course, I restarted the PC and reloaded Dorico, but it doesn’t help. Bassi are always lost and when opening Halion SE the second time, it is corrupted.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Have you tried Reassign Missing Playback Sounds and applying the HALion template in Play mode?

Hi Torsten, I second what Derrek says. Please go to Play mode and choose from the menu ‘Play > Playback Template’ and in the dialog then the ‘HSSE + HSO’ template.
Regarding the two title bars in HALion Sonic SE, well, that is a known issue, but the workaround is to grab the window at the regular title bar and move the window a little, then it will snap back to normal.

Thanks for your help. I was in the dialog and had seen that HSSE+HSO was selected, so I didn’t change anything. However, when I clicked on “apply” again, it fixed everything. Thank you for your help!

BTW: What probably was the cause: I have a piano system for the piano reduction which I wanted to exclude from playback. So on the piano I deselected the instrument from Halion SE 3 to “—”. That seems to corrupt the rest of Halion SE3. Now I use the mute function and it seems to work.

Thank you,

The playback allocation is automatic until you override it (change manually any of the players’ instrument)
It then becomes fully manual. Your change in the piano has made your play-back setup manual. Hope this helps to understand the behavior you’ve experienced!