Halion SE - Some audio files are missing - please check installation

This Message appears now. I installed the whole content from VST - Live via the Steinberg download manager.
What can i do?

Using VST-Live on Stage for a year now to play backing tracks and to show lyrics for the singer. Easy to use and handle…

… can you please create a screenshot and post it here?

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please start the “Steinberg Library Manager” and check that all libraries are installed and their correct positions. Maybe there were installed to a removable hard drive? You could also get a detailed information about your installations if you click to the “i” button while ctrl/alt is pressed.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 08.48.11

Does it help?

Hi Michael, yes - it helped…! It appeared after upgrading Cubase Pro from 12 to 13. Had nothing to do with VST-Live.


I just had this happen in ver on a MacBook Air Intel. Checked the Library Manager and everything seems ok.

It seems to be something to do with the default layer. If I save the default layer with Halion (or Halion SE) as the only instrument then the problem goes away.

As a possibly indicator I was sure my default layer was another instrument (Odyssey) it seems to revert to Halion on its own.

Same pesky error message “Some Autido files are missing”

Running Cubase 13 Pro, Halion 7, Iconica Sections & Players (IS&P) is added as an instrument track. I think it is telling that Mid channel outpuit does NOT identify IS&P as a potential output, thought it does identify Sketch. I added a midi track which also identifies the channel identified and assigned to a Contra Basson Legato from IS&P. While Midi signal indicators show, there is no sound. I checked the library manager. Since IS&P is not showing under midi output options, I don’t think Halion is routing correctly. I do have good luck and no issues with Iconca Sketch which DOES show among midi output options, BUT I can’t find exactly were the IS&P content is stored. This is a Mac Pro with two 2TB drives. Using Spotlight search in finder I can’t find any reference to Iconica Sketch, but theory is that if I can find its content I can move the Iconica S&P to THAT location. Stumped so far. Need answers.

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