Halion SE sound quality v Halion 4

New Cubase 7 user here guys, been playing with Halion SE and have noticed the sound quality is pretty bad, slight high level distortion and phasing also , is this a feature of SE as it is a freebie and the full versions sound is correct or is it apparent in the full version also, I wanted to sell my S5000 and use software sampler.

halion 4 is a completely different animal download the demo and try it

Any chance of a link for the download?

The one I followed gave me a dead pageā€¦

in a sticky up that away ^^^^^^ says trial


Thanks for that filterfreak, I followed the link from the sticky and it was dead link, downloading as we type, looking forward to trying it.

This link is working (I have just tested it), you will only have to download the trial version for Windows or Mac.
It is in the middle of the web site.

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