Halion SE sounds missing?

Opening Dorico SE, I get the following notice:

What can I do about this? The project plays okay so far…

Have you downloaded and installed the “Dorico SE 3.5.10 Sounds Installer” package?

Not sure, but will do. I’ll get back to this thread with results!!


Another possibility is if you have non-Steinberg VST libraries that require your USB eLicenser so that when you use Dorico SE to open a file created in a version of Dorico that required the USB eLicenser it tries to call sound libraries that would need the dongle.

Well… :wink:

This looks like it’s the cause of the issue at hand, never even thought about that. I use SE on my new ultrabook for working on the run… haven’t installed all the heavy plugins… new projects don’t show the warning. :metal:

Thx again and all the best,