Halion SE sounds + more missing

I’ve just downloaded the full version of Cubase 10 Pro only to find that the pre-sets in Halion SE are all missing.

Halion SE opens but there are no instruments to select (see screenshot attachment).

Groove Agent has ‘missing content’ when I try to select an instrument and I also have no options to select Padshop or Retrolouge.

Please can someone help as I’m tearing my hair out here and Steinberg haven’t responded yet. Could there be an issue with the download? I’ve searched my computer for HSSE files are there are none. I’ve also downloaded Halion as a stand-alone package and the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you have installed from the Full Installer (not the update), please. Also it’s better to install as Administrator.

Could you attach the screenshot, please?

Hi Martin

I’ve reinstalled Retrolouge and that is now working but I’m still having issues with Halion SE, Groove Agent and Padshop.

  • Padshop is missing from my list of plug-ins.
    Groove Agent has missing links for all sounds.
    Halion SE has no sounds available.

I’ve attached some screen shots to help explain.

Thank you.

With all these issues, I would uninstall Cubase entirely, reboot, then log in as an Administrator and reinstall everything. If you are asked to select whether to install for all users, I would choose all users.

If you don’t want to do that, the Padshop installer is in Additional Content\VST Sound\Padshop - you may get away with running the installer, then double clicking the other file. However, this is not a supported way of installing Padshop.

The rest of the content can be found in the various subfolders of Additional Content\VST Sound. You only need double click one file per folder to install everything in that folder.

I really would recommend a total uninstall and reinstall, as that should solve it all without further messing around.

Thank you David. I managed to get everything working by going into the subfolders of Additional Content/VST Sound as you suggested and double clicking each sound.

It took a while but it’s now all working. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it.