Halion SE3 don't work as before

Hello, please someone help me.
The Halion SE3 doesn’t work anymore, I’ve tryed to uninstall all cubase component and reinstall everythings but don’t work, try to uninstall and reinstall halion component from the download manager but still doesn’t work. IS three days past and I begin to going mad.I need to install the heavy files on the secondary HD (like verve and halion) ,I’ve installed cubase on the main HD but need to move all component and vst instrument on the secondary drive, someone can help me please!
I already move from the library manager all the files but Halion won’t work


The message is about HALion Sonic, not HALion Sonic SE.

yes halion sonic, it’s a bit confusional because the installation told me halion sonic SE but here refer to halion soni, anyway the problem is this, can you help me?


You need a dedicated licence for HALion Sonic. Then you can install and use it.

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I have used it over a year and never have problems.
As you can see from the picture, refers to an old composition I have made for a trailer.
The software can’t find the vst and I try to uninstall and reinstall with the download assistant


Did you install HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE? You can also install its successor HALion Sonic 7.

You have right, halion sonic (Not SE 3) has’nt installed, thank you for your time.