Halion SE3 - FLUX

Hope everyone is staying safe and making great music.

I currently have Cubase Ai 10.5 but in my version of Halion SE 3 there is no Flux instrument. I have read that you have to have version 9.5 installed. I went from version 8 straight to 10 then 10.5 . is there a way to install this without installing 9.5? I currently have 10 and 10.5 on my drive and don’t want to delete 10 in case it is being used by 10.5. Thanks in advance.

Al :smiley:

I’ve kinda answered my own question when i found this on the steinberg website. Only problem is I’ve tried it and still not appeared!
• Close all programs.
• Open the “Run” command prompt by pressing the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
• In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter one of the following path shortcuts::

user specific installation (standard): %appdata%
installation “for all users”: %programdata%

Simply use %appdata% if you are in doubt.
• A new Windows Explorer Window opens.
• Locate the folder ‘Steinberg’ and open the folder ‘HALion Sonic SE_64’.
If you can’t find the folder or files, please try again using the other path shortcut.
• Delete these files (to keep a backup, simply copy them to the Desktop before):

Next time you start Cubase, the deleted files will be rebuilt. Therefore, startup might take a bit longer. As soon as Cubase is ready, FLUX should be at service in HALion Sonic SE.