Halion SE3 no sound output

Hi everybody, hallo Ulf,

seit 2 Wochen habe ich das o.g. Problem sowohl in DP2 als auch in DP3…

Ich kann Halion aufrufen und auf der Piano-Tastatur spielen, wobei Halion reagiert (Peak level meter schlagen aus.)

Ich habe auch schon den Thread “NO SOUND DURING PLAYBACK” studiert, aber dort keine Lösung gefunden…

Der Treiber ist ASIO4ALL, als Ausgabegeräte kann ich zwischen USB AUDIO CODEC und REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO wählen, aber beide funktionieren nicht.

IN DP2 funktioniert die Wiedergabe via YAMAHA MOTIV, aber dann kann ich keine MP3s exportieren.

Einen Diagnosebericht habe ich beigefügt.

Dein Peter

In English:

since 2 weeks I’ve got the above mentioned problem in DP2 and DP3…

I can start Halion and play on the virtual keyboard, whereas Halion reacts normally (peak level meters show input)

I did also study the NO SOUND DURING PLAYBACK thread, but couldn’t find a soulution there…

Driver is ASIO4ALL and I can switch between USB AUDIO CODEC and REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO output options, but none of them work.

In DP2 playback works via YAMAHA MOTIF, but then I can’t export MP3-files.

A diagnostics report is attached.

Please help

Yours Peter

Hi Peter, you forgot to attach the diagnostics.
If HSSE shows metering, that means the audio engine is producing audio. So it must be something with the driver, the port mapping, or…
Have you checked the Dorico mixer window (press F3) and scrolled to the right to see the output channel?
Does it also show metering?

No, I didn’t forget to attach the report, but it seems that it wasn’t submitted…

The report is shown in the “add files” box. Hope it works now :blush:
And: no, the output in the mixer doesn’t show metering.

THX so far

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.05 MB)

If the output channel shows no metering, then clearly nothing will get put out.
I had a look at the diagnostics and the 3rd HSSE channel is soloed, so please check in the mixer window. Un-solo and un-mute every channel, does then sound come out via “HD Audio output 1/2” (that’s at least your current port mapping)?

Can’t unsolo the channels - each time I click on the S button, it shortly becomes grey and then returns to red.

Hm, that’s too bad. Please try what I just wrote in another thread:

  1. Quit Dorico.
  2. Find the affected project in the Finder or in Windows Explorer.
  3. Make a copy of the affected project so that you’re not tinkering with the original.
  4. Change the file extension of the project from .dorico to .zip. Confirm that you want to do this when the operating system asks you whether you’re sure.
  5. Unzip the zip archive: on Mac, you can simply double-click it; on Windows (which I don’t have access to right now) I believe you can right-click and choose to uncompress a compressed folder.
  6. Go into the folder that has been created: it will contain four items, one of which is a folder called supplementary_data. Go inside this folder.
  7. Delete the vstaudioengine folder from inside the supplementary_data folder.
  8. Now go back to the folder that contains four items (e.g. score.dtn, scorelibrary.dtn, etc.), but NOT the parent folder, i.e. the folder that contains these four items.
  9. Select these four items (again, NOT by selecting the folder that contains these four items), right-click and choose to archive (Mac) or compress (Windows) them.
  10. A new zip archive called something like archive.zip will be created. Change the filename and the extension from .zip to .dorico.
  11. Now open up your fixed project in Dorico and see how it does. Maybe you have to first go to Play Mode and choose Play > Playback Template again in order to load the default sounds again.

If this is too complicated, please send your project to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and I will do it for you.