Halion Settings Disappear

I’m likely missing something obvious here. I’m trying to lower the volume and change the panning on an instrument - but as soon as I hit Play in Edit view the settings revert back to the default values. I tried saving my settings to no avail.

Apologies if the movie is a bit hard to see - suggest you switch to full screen mode.

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Hi @eheilner

Which Playback Template and Expression Map are you using? What you are seeing is likely just the Expression Map doing its thing. It’s playing a forte chord with an accent, so it makes sense for it to turn up the channel volume.

If you set your volume and panning etc. in the Dorico mixer rather than in Halion, the Expression Map won’t change any of your settings there.

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Hi Chester,
Thanks for the help, but that’s not what’s happening. I didn’t bother showing it, but as soon as I hit Play the panning also changes. I.e., I can set the panning to far right, but as soon as I hit Play it jumps back to center pan. But just to verify I set the dynamic to pppp in the score but the same thing happens - the Halion setting jumps back to the default setting as soon as I hit Play.

If it helps, I can mouse click on the chord and that plays back at the proper volume & panning. But hitting Play forces the Halion mixer settings to jump back to default.

Also (and just to confuse things) I had previously changed the panning on some of the other instruments and those do NOT change - so I must have done something correctly along the way.

But yes, I can (and am) using the Dorico mixer here.

Ah, sorry it wasn’t the Expression Map after all. I loaded that patch in Halion Sonic and got the same result. What is really going on is Dorico is chasing the controller data from the MIDI channel in the Dorico mixer, which is not shown by default.

In the Dorico mixer, if you click on show MIDI, you’ll see the associated MIDI channels. If you set the volume and pan there, then Halion will chase it. You’ll see the Halion fader and pan move in real time when you move the Dorico mixer fader. When you hit play, Dorico sends out the MIDI controller data corresponding to the Dorico mixer’s MIDI channels at that moment.

At any rate, it’s still probably best to just control volume and pan on the Dorico mixer audio channels :slight_smile:

Ah that explains it. Thanks!

I guess it sort of makes sense if you have two possible methods of specifying level and panning in the mix it would be confusing if both of them could work (and possibly cancel each other out).

I do wish that there was a Dorico flowchart diagram explaining how all the different components communicate with one another.

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