HALion SO installation fails on macOS Catalina

After installing all sample, files, components, etc., it occurs installation failure at the last stage of installation.

  1. Is there a fix?

  2. If not, is there a way to CLEAN UNINSTALL of ALL the files HSO made on my HDD?

Sorry you’ve been having problems with this. Normally these kinds of installation problems are caused by the eLicenser software: try restarting your Mac and running the installer again before you start any other software, so that nothing can be using the eLicenser.

Thanks but it didn’t work for me. Maybe it has something to do with Catalina’s security features, like Full Disk Access. It is possible that HSO cannot communicate with eLicenser software because OS interfered.

PS: I tried choosing Trial mode at the last stage of installation, but had the same result.

FYI, macOS 10.5.5
Dorico Pro 2.2.10
Both eLicenser and HSE are up-to-date.

Can you try installing the Dorico Pro 3.5 sounds/content installer, which you’ll find here, to see if it completes without error on your system?

OK, here’s the test result.

  1. Dorico Pro 3.5 Sound Installer works without any problem. Can I just use this library instead?

  2. Old Installer (from Dorico 2) also has the very same issue on my friend’s MBP (16", 2019, macOS Catalina 10.15.5)

  3. I’ve manually removed the old sound library(HSO), and now Dorico shows an alert that it cannot find HSO, even though the new Sound Library is properly installed. Can I make Dorico forget the old library? I can just check “Don’t show this message” but I want to make it sure for the no search for non-exist plugin for fast launch.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 1.38.54 PM.png

You should indeed be able to use the Dorico 3 sounds with Dorico 2. There are some sounds installed as part of that package that your license won’t allow you to use (most significantly the Olympus Choir Micro choral sounds from Soundiron) but everything else should work OK. Provided you get appropriate sounds when you create e.g. a string quartet score, add a few notes, and play back, you can safely click the ‘Don’t say this again’ checkbox in the warning about missing sounds.