Halion somewhat more unstable?

At some point Halion, which never crashed, became more unstable and are now quite frequently crashing Cubase. I can’t say this for sure but I have a feeling it happens when assigning stuff in the Mod Matrix. The crashes might have started to occur when I moved from my old Mac Pro to a new MacBook Pro, but I’m not sure of that either. Anyone else with a similar experience?

Yes, HALion 5 likes to crash. The worst thing about it is that you never know, when. Sometimes it is like walking thru a minefield. As long as you just load sounds and tweak them just via quick controls and macro pages, everything is fine. But if you do deeper editing for a longer time, the next crash is in reach. Here are some situations that leaded to serious crashes:

  • intensive work in the program tree (deleting, copying, pasting zones etc.)
  • intensive work in the sample editor
  • editing while “MIDI zone select” is active and a new MIDI key is pressed
  • moving fx plugin slots in the mixer
  • moving macro bars of model c, when Win7 Aero is deactivated
  • loading 4.0/5.1 presets from the Halion 4 Factory Content

My system is Win7 32bit, Intel i3, 4GB Ram. Cubase, Padshop and WaveLab work rock solid on my PC, so I was shocked about HALion’s happy crashing.

That is really odd, because I experience no crashes at all.

I mean, it is “rock solid”, as some would say. I use H5 more than most other instrument plugins I have. I should probably mention that I do not use the built-in “fractional” synthesizer interfaces, so the standard UI is what I use and therefore the tree is vital. I also don’t use much of the presets that come with it, I generally make my own.

I am on Windows 8.1, all 64-bit, except for a few plugins that only exist at half that. I try to use VST3 plugins when possible, but again there are a few plugins that only come in two thirds, sort of. :slight_smile:

Me too, and that´s when I experience H5 as most unstable. A lot of “brilliant” new presets has vanished in a crash, unfortunately. Happens to both sample based presets and synth based presets. Anyway, thanks for chiming in

I recognise some of the situations you are mentioning, but it’s not like I can reproduce a crash by repeating the same steps that caused the previous crash. Thanks for your reply.

Yes I find H5 to be sluggish and unstable…
The only thing on my system that gives me problems… to the :open_mouth:
point that I went to HS2 for now until the next if ever fix comes out
Thank goodness for Native Instruments.

I like to have H5 as My main workstation on the first rack slot and Kontakt on the second
Groove Agent 4 the first track instrument for drums via Roland V Drums

but this is not to be as far as H5 and how long has it been with out any updates…
I been rethinking my Instrument set up :open_mouth: :cry:

just something to try, dont use multi-core on large projects. turn “eco mode” on…

It’s woth checking. Thanks.