Halion Sonic 1.5.0 Content Patch instalation error


Can someone help with the annoying error? :
When I try to install Halion Sonic 1.5.0 Content Patch it shows me that error (pls see attached file) .

I’m using Cubase 6.5.3 under Windows 7. I have installed Halion Sonic from the CD, I’ve purchased and registered the full version.
As I read, I have to wait to install the update 1.6.0 after installing the content. So yes, I’m doing that, but it doesn’t find the old content, obviously.

I think the problem may be because my VST content is installed onto another hadrd drive, not in C/Program Files/Steinberg… But then I have a small (120GB) SSD hard drive for the OS and some programs that wanna load fast, I can’t afford moving the library in the C: And anywaw, it would be really bad if this can’t be flexible…

Please advice!!!
HS error.PNG

Content from dvd is obviously v. 1.5 therefore shows such a strange note…



Same problem, same error msg, never could get the content patch 1.5 to install. Weighing in just in case others find this issue and comment. Never found a solution.

Same problem here, waiting for an answer from support.

What version number is printed on your HALion Sonic DVDs? The HS trial discs that came with my C6 box say Version 1.5 right on the DVDs, so the content update wouldn’t be required if you have those. My original HS discs when I bought it prior to C6 don’t have a version, so I would assume those are 1.0 and would require the content update.

This message is ambiguous : “If you have already installed the HALion Sonic 1.5 content update with the previous released HALion Sonic 1.5 Plug-in update, you do not have to install the content update again!”
It suggests that the patch is not required only if we allready have installed a v1.5.x update published after the initial release v1.5.0 of the plugin…
So, the question is: is this patch required for a v1.5.0 fresh installation (the one coming along with C6 DVDs) ?