Halion Sonic 1.5 Sound Listing?

On the Steinberg download site there is only the old patch/sound listing from Halion Sonic 1.0.
I couldn’t find a listing for the latest update of Halion Sonic 1.5 - also string search on my entire harddisk for one of the patch names listed on the load box was not successful. They seemed to be stored in binary/encrypted mode.

In addition I wanted to get the information which of the patches/instruments have preconfigured key switches which could be imported using “import keyswitches” in the inspectors expression map field.

So at the moment the only way to get this information seems to be to load each of the patches and see if there are key switches defined (brown colored keys). I’m doing so at the moment filling out an Excelsheet.

Any suggestions for a way to get this informations in a less time consuming way are very welcome!
Thanks, tomotello

oops, just found after searching againg throug Google very simple on the product page:

I was used to go through the support->download pages for updates:

Only there the documentation is not updated. Might Steinberg support could update this page as well?

Regards, tomotelllo