Halion Sonic 1.6-2

I’v just reinstaled my win 8(.1), and I reinstaled my Cubase 7 (64)…ok updated to vers. 7.0.6…ok
so then I reinstaled my Halion Sonic, but I only get the vers. 1.6,3.53 (64) (Nov 30 2012)…after update,
but I use to have Halion Sonic 2…If I check in my “Steiberg sites” it says that I have registrated: Halion sonic 2… :slight_smile:
PLEASE HELP ME :smiley: :smiley:

senserly from the North
"My equempent: PB, 1.6 x 2 Ghz, 1Tb, 8GB, Win 8,1 (64), Cubase 7 (64), Halion Sonic, sound: Steinberg UR22, Steinberg CMC AI, MIDI:M-Audio Keystation 49e USB, , M-AUDIO BX5a, and the newest drivers for ALL…

Hi Jarleiceman,

I have sent you an email.

For all users - If you are missing installation data for any Steinberg product, please contact the support department at info@steinberg.de