Halion sonic 2 and external clock

I’m trying to use Halion Sonic 2 for my stage rig and sync it to the internal clock of my Akai MPK25. I’ve tried Cubase, Sonar, Live and a couple of vst host programs as well as Halion Sonic standalone mode, but no love. The aim is to sync the arps, delays and Amplitube 3 to one tap tempo button (Akai). Any ideas?

That question is beyond my pay grade … lol
I’m not trying to do live what you are trying to do so syncing is not something I use.

I’m attempting to use HALion Sonic 2 live in my band. I’m using Cantabile. Not sure if it would do what you’re asking. Maybe if you dig around their web site and look at the manuals you can find an answer to your question. You might also check out Brainspawn Forte as well. Both of these are VST hosts designed to be used live.

Many thanks Brad. I’ve heard of Cantabile and the demo didn’t see the akai, but i’ll try forte as well. I understand that Cubase 7 elements has advanced remote control so perhaps I can use Cubase’s clock and assign a switch on the akai for the tap tempo. I’ll let you and anyone else interested know… thanks again,

Bought Cantabile pro… It rocks!