Halion Sonic 2 Crashes Cubase 8 !!!

I have Cubase Artist 8, every time i use Halion Sonic 2 and i use it a lot Cubase freezes and crashes , I have noticed this happens mostly when loading an instrument ( any instrument ) in Halion.

Also when i try to drag and drop a midi in the sequencer from the World Percussion Cubase freezes and Crashes !

Sometimes i get crashes on start up , it loading and just before Steinberg HUB appears , Crash !

This is very disappointing , i have been away from Cubase since Cubase 6 , I thought things has changed in Stainberg world up to now because i use also Logic pro X , Ableton 9 i do not get one single crash and go on with my work.

Is anybody have any idea why i am getting this crashes? I have brand new Macbook Retina with Yosemite.

Thank you