Halion Sonic 2 Grace period

I just posted a support ticket about this but I wonder if anyone here knows the answer…
I have Halion Sonic 1 which was originally an upgrade from Hypersonic 2.

I see on the website that HS1 owners who registered after May 2013 get a free upgrade to HS2. It says the grace period applies to all HS1.x licenses activated after May 2013, including upgrades. I registered in November 2013, so I should qualify.

The instructions say, enter your HS1 Activation Code in the E-licenser, and you will be invited to download the HS2 License.

I tried this but the EL recognises the HS1 Upgrade code as a Hypersonic Upgrade, and says it’s been activated (which of course it has)

So I can’t get any further using this route. Anyone else found out how to do this?