Halion sonic 2 in Cubase 8.5 Instruments Bug

I use mac book retina osx el capitan,after updating to 8.5 halion sonic 2 does not work as expected
I can not choose an instrument ,the menu does not work to open them. This is an issue when using in logic pro too. I guess this is retina incompatible. Hope stainberg will fix this once for all …it is very annoying !


Which menu do you mean? Do you mean MediaBay inside HALion Sonic 2? Is it the same for the whole Instrument, as a dedicated Channels? Can you load the Instrument directly in Cubase form MediaBay or the Track Preset or the Instrument Patch?

Thank you for the replay!

Ok here we go, i was talking about the yellow menu where you select one of the Halion’s instruments, i can not choose the instrument in order to load their presets. Also when i try to open an instrument from the multi program rack, this time i can see them but can not load any of them.

Halion sonic 2 is not qualified for El Capitan or Yosemite.

That is not satisfactory at all ! What OSX version we should use than ? Tiger maybe…from Stainberg I want to know the date when Halion Sonic 2 will be fully compatable with current OS X.
It’s a shame i have bought lots of stainberg products and that costed me lost of hard earned money,and what i have got for my money is only bugs and more bugs, also now with 8.5 random crashes …, things just do not work.
This is not inspiring software but frustrating !

Thank you.

It is of course qualified for Mavericks which for some reason 8.5 is not. Go figure ?