HALion Sonic 2 manual

I purchased the HALion 5 update from HALion 4, which installed both HALion and HALion Sonic on my iMac fine. Really looks like some great new features. In the HALion 5 installer folders, there is documentation for HALion 5, but no documentation for HALion Sonic 2. Is there a download location to get the HALion Sonic 2 manual for folks using the HALion 5 update process? Thanks.

If you click on the Steinberg Logo on the right hand side, there is a menu. Click Help.

Great, thanks.

Would be rather nice is Steinberg released a .pdf document describing and listing patches, new programming features (if any), new samples etc.

Yes - PDF documents were available with HALion Sonic v1. Thus my initial confusion.

there allways a little delay between new pogram and their pdf documentation ! sure it’s gonna be here in a few day/weeks !

Aloha guys,
This thread was back in June but I just checked the ‘Help’ menu
and there is now a pdf manual.

Don’t know if it was there before but this thread ended without an answer.

The pdf is 820 pages long but looks to be in four languages.
Perhaps that’s why.

HTH (hope this helps)