Halion Sonic 2 missing libraries

Hello all,

Last year I upgraded to HS 2 and, to be honest, I was mainly using the orchestral instruments and not synths but tonight I noticed that not all the instruments were loading!

For instance if I clicked on pianos in the HS 2 drop down menu the programme only showed 6 different types of piano instead of the normal long list of choices! I played around with the programme and got nowhere so I decided to uninstall, download and re-install HS 2, which I did a few minutes ago.

I am also running Cubase 7.5.10 and now, when I create a new instance of Halion Sonic instead of having all the new VST’s that came with 7.5.10 upgrade I only have the TRIP synth?

Can anyone give me any advise as I figure I will have to uninstall and re-install some programes and I’m not sure which ones :blush:

Thanking you in advance,

Jim B

Try this it may work.

First you de-install all the HS installations on the computer.
Then you install the original Halion sonic ( version 1.0.0 ).
Then you download the 1.5 content update from the downloads area on www.steinberg.net
Install this.

Then you download the HS2 update from HS1 from the downloads area.
Install this.

Make sure that when you install these you tick the box " all users " otherwise it’ll probally won’t work.

Thanks for the guidance, I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow!

Jim B