Halion Sonic 2 missing presets

Hello. I just upgraded to Cubase 8.5. I did a fresh install of Windows 10, then installed 8.5 from the full installer. I then proceeded to install all my modules, I also upgraded to absolute 2, but didn’t find a full installer. I used my absolute 1 cd, then upgraded Sonic to V2, then installed GA4 and Halion 5. I already owned HSO and The Grand, so I installed from their original installers as well. Same for Neo Soul Keys.
So in brief I own basically all of steinberg’s instruments, Absolute 2, Sonic 2, Halion5, GA4, The Grand, HSO, Neo Soul Keys.
My question is, what can I open directly in Sonic 2? There’s some preset content that show up in Halion’s media bay, but not in Sonic’s… For example, I don’t get any presets in Sonic’s load button for Haliotron or Model C. Just a “Init” layer preset. In halion however, I get tons showing up.
In Sonic 2 however, I do get some presets from Neo Soul keys for example, which is based in Halion/Sonic 2’s engine, but it is more of a separate packaged module…
Guess I could use Halion, but I still have a lot to learn from it, and currently I feel intimidated and lost by its interface. Would much prefer to use Sonic 2 atm…
Same happens with Auron for ex, don’t get but a single layer preset “Init”…?

Any clues…?