Halion Sonic 2 on Mac issues

I downloaded the Halion Sonic 2 trial for Mac.
First; I can not choose to install a VST version, the installer simply doesn’t provide this. What kind of mess up is that for the company that invented the VST format?? Are Mac users not using this in Cubase?

Second; I can not for the life of me double-click from the main window browser to oad an instrument. I need to open the floating browser to do so. WHY??

Third; is there a way to preview patches before I load them?



Halion Sonic on the Mac is a nightmare. There are issues loading some of the instruments. There is no way to “preview” sounds. You have to double click each and every single one. I honestly wish I could get a refund.

Funny, I wondered why I could preview sounds, when I had read from others (I guess PC users) they could. I’m having a nightmare now, as my new HS2 download isn’t recognized by the "Application Tool) needed for OS El Capitan. So, I can’t re-install, and the download took 8 hours for the 9.6 gig file, and another 1.5 hours for the update. My download speed is 90+mbs on average (Comcast blast).

I won a full Pre Sonus Studio DAW in songwriting contest, and sold it. Maybe a mistake?

I’d assume Steinberg can’t do much about download speeds, aside from locating content on a server closer to you.

No issues running on 10.9.x. Could be an El Capitan problem?

Didn’t realize sound preview was even an option? How would this even work without loading the enter program or multi?