HALion Sonic 2 Review

In 15 years of Music production I have never come across a better thought out or more intuitive Workstation… 10/10

If you haven’t bought it yet, do it now.


Maybe a purpose built controller ( dreams )

Then nothing would come near…

Then I would delete Komplete 8 from my kit list xx

+1 :wink:

I want an XY controller in the CMC line to control the Sphere.
I don’t really care if it is a ball, joystick, or touchpad, but I would like it to be relatively small and simple like the other CMC controllers.

Just to chime in,

Even tho’ HS is really nice, I still like having many different
colours on my pallet. Many different arrows in my quiver.
Lot’s o’ tools in my toolbox.

I don’t believe I could ever settled on one sound source.
No matter how nice it might be.

That being said, HS is a ‘killer plug’.
Tanx Steiny.

Cool product. You can go really deep with this thing. This is what I wanted Sample Tank 3 to be like; too late; Steinberg have nailed it already.

A Major +1

And I am a SampleTank fanboi.

I’m moving to new windows 8 desktop. Installing up to date software as well as streamlining system.

Thinking about moving to Halion Sonic 2 or Halion 5, following positive reviews including on this forum.

Has anyone tried loading Kontakt nki files into Sonic (or Halion)? Is it easy and works well? This would help me migrate some favourite sounds, maybe get back to one workstation…hooray.